Dinosaurs Eat Paris: The World Fair, Paris, 1889 (an alternate history)


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E Book: Steampunk – Retro
Taal/ Language: Engelstalig
Genre:  Sci-Fi & fantasy
Schrijver / author : Mark Douglas Stafford
Titel: Dinosaurs Eat Paris: The World Fair, Paris, 1889 (an alternate history)
Korte omschrijving / Short Description:
Dinosaurs are the last thing on Dante’s mind as his governess, Maria Schiaparelli, tucks him in to bed with all the love and devotion of a mother. It’s a warm night in Paris, the day before opening day. The day before Dante’s papa, Professor Augusto Righi, Italy’s greatest experimental physicist, will unveil his creation to the world: the Finestra Temporale, a window into time. Then he’ll finally be able to spend more time with his son, to talk to him, to explore the Exposition with him; at least that’s what Dante wants. But things don’t go according to plan, not at all. And it’s up to Dante to set things straight, if he can, before it’s too late, before dinosaurs eat Paris.
The Paris Exposition of 1889 boasts more than 20,000 international exhibits. The newly opened Eiffel Tower is the most prominent attraction but the life-sized portions of recreated towns and villages from other cultures, like the Egyptian Bazaar and Cairo Street, are also expected to draw huge crowds. Wonderful advances in science and technology will be showcased, including ingenious new methods of harnessing the motive forces of steam and electricity. Organisers expect more than 20 million visitors over 6 months, all human.


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