The Clockwork Mechanical (Mechanicals Book 1)


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E Book: Steampunk – Retro
Taal/ Language: Engelstalig
Genre: Science fiction
Schrijver / author :Peter R Stone
Titel:The Clockwork Mechanical (Mechanicals Book 1)
Korte omschrijving / Short Description:
Eleven-year-old Brad Millner’s got a problem.
For starters, he’s lost his memory. He can’t even remember his own name. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s stranded on a space station. A space station that’s going to crash into the earth in less than one hour and kill millions of people.
That means Brad’s got less than an hour to disable the space station’s force field so that it burns up when it enters the earth’s atmosphere. The only catch is that a terrible Clockwork Mechanical – the living machine that is behind the diabolical plan to destroy the world – is out to get him.Join Brad on his frantic quest to disable the space station’s force field generator and save the world. See him team up with some unlikely companions – a swarm of little clockwork butterflies, a mechanical spider, and a girl with ADHD – as he tries to outsmart the Clockwork Mechanical.The Clockwork Mechanical is a middle grades children’s book, ages 7 to 12, and has 88 pages.


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