The Kraken – Part I , The Melville Files Book 1


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E Book: Steampunk – Retro
Taal/ Language: Engelstalig
Genre:  Sci-Fi & fantasy
Schrijver / author :
Titel:The Kraken – Part I
Korte omschrijving / Short Description:
The Kraken – Part I
The Melville Files Book 1
Condal City. 1871.
The private detective John Melville Salas receives news of the murder of his friend and mentor Domingo Badía, better known as “Alí Bey”. All the clues seem to point towards a mysterious secret society called “The Custodians of God”.
The investigation will lead the detective to the Hungarian capital city, Varós Buda, where he will discover a terrible secret related to the Lost Ones in Time and the incident that chained them to such a disastrous destiny.
An old manuscript hides the keys that can lead to the ruins of an ancient civilization. Deep in its belly lies a powerful weapon and the key that could lead to the rescue of his daughter Sara and the rest of those frozen in the time. 


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