The Ties That Bind


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E Book: Steampunk – Retro
Taal/ Language: Engelstalig
Genre:  Fantasy / Paranormal
Schrijver / author :Cynthia D. Witherspoon
Titel:The Ties That Bind
Korte omschrijving / Short Description:
Some ties are not meant to be broken.
Jamison Mitchell has discovered many things about his wife Cynara in their short time together. She is a Chosen One. Her ability to heal herself and others has come in handy more times than he would like to admit. And by the gods, but his wife is stubborn. Cynara refuses to be deterred from her role as a fighter, no matter how much danger she finds herself in.
But as the Mitchells set off the bombs meant to destroy WFG’s largest fleet of slave ships, will he discover that she may care for him as he does her? Or will the ties binding her to her former love Simon Thorne prove too strong to break?


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