Vapos Vita


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E Book: Steampunk – Retro
Taal/ Language: Engelstalig
Genre:  Science fiction
Schrijver / author :Gabriel French
Titel:Vapos Vita
Korte omschrijving / Short Description:
Long ago, the world was united as one continent of Teranav. This world was inhabited by humans and other mystical creatures. Praying and rituals gave people mystical powers to alter their world, but they became overcome by greed and sought to take dominion of the planet. For their arrogance, many lost their powers and the world was split in two. Humans were forced onto the left continent of Teravapos as the other was lost to the sea. Over hundreds of years, people forgot about their past and began looking towards the future. Technology has advanced civilization into an Industrial Age with the first automobiles and a rapidly growing research sector.Recent civil wars between the authoritarian United King’s Federation and the democratic National State Provinces ended two years ago when the Federation took control and turned into an imperial state lead by a small High Council of men who control the nation. The High Council has been ruthless in imposing its rules and making everyone’s lives miserable.In Nimbus City, the government intrusion is only beginning to ramp up. This is where we meet most of our leading cast. Thaddeus Q. Aries is a brilliant scientist who in recent years has become a recluse. He is the guardian of a young orphaned Smythe Fletcher who resents his parents for leaving him at such a young age. Events begin when Thaddeus sends Smythe to their local mechanics shop to pick up an order. These mechanics are not exactly who they say they are. The mechanics, along with Thaddeus, are leaders of a secret resistance who is seeking to overthrow the government.
As things progress faster than expected, Smythe Fletcher, a girl named Amelia, and a mysterious drifter named Zeya get swept up in an adventure across the country as they attempt to help the resistance gain influence and support.


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