Walls of Earth and Stone


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E Book: Steampunk – Retro
Taal/ Language: Engelstalig
Genre:  Fantasy
Schrijver / author :  Nathaniel Firmath
Titel:  Walls of Earth and Stone
Korte omschrijving / Short Description:
Foundation, land of the Seven Banners, has never known much peace. The Wise Kenalka, founders of that great alliance, have been dead for nearly three thousand years, and inter-Banner wars are common. The Nomads of the Eastern Nowhere raid ever more boldly in the west, while the frontiers of the Banners have long been held by tribes of outlaws.
Far to the north, beyond the Central Sea, a starving and industrious people eye the fertile southlands greedily. With wheel and steam and thundering weapons they train an army far too great for any of the Banners to face alone.
While the young boast and the old bicker, clever minds have taken to the road. An ancient title, half-forgotten and long unused may yet be the only hope for survival. Mythic weapons and devices must be reclaimed, proofs offered and challenges met, for only through the approval of the Seven may their armies be led as one. After years of travel, none have yet stepped forward, fearing the death that follows failure. The Riddle of Stone remains unsolved, and the title of Onidai–War Chief of the Seven Banners–fades further into myth.
For twelve years, Ralph of Meadrow has lived with his mother in disgrace. In the five thousand year history of the Guardsmen of Meadrow, only Ralph’s father has ever fled from battle, and many died as the result of his cowardice. His name was outlawed, his living kin proscribed.
For most of his early life, Ralph and his mother are forced to live at the mercy of an indifferent society.
In the depths of despair, and fearing for his life, Ralph stumbles upon forbidden knowledge: the clue to an ancient riddle. His death imminent, he follows in the footsteps of Foundation’s greatest hero.
He hopes for the protection of fame and position; a boy of sixteen in the shadow of a towering giant. The Seven, nations of proud and ancient lineage, must band together beneath the leadership of a boy who does even know his father’s name.



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